2021-February Release Notes

Your account is now updated with the following new enhancements. Make sure to check out the new Field Operations feature for setting up your field names and boundaries (this is Beta). Just login to your account and start today!


Improvements to Chart of Accounts

There are a variety of new options when working with your Chart of Accounts:

  • Subheadings for Crop and Supply Accounts - New interface allows you to easily assign subheadings to crop and supply accounts (including revenue and expense accounts). This offers much more flexibility and ease-of-use when editing or adding new subheadings.
  • Adding Accounts - A new, easier-to-use interface is now available when creating new accounts.

New Interface for Adding Contacts and Accounts

When entering a payment or deposit, an improved +New button appears for adding contacts or accounts. Selecting this button will take you through the process of adding the item with or without details so you can complete the transaction with it.

Quick Default Values

This one is a time saver. When entering details for payments or deposits (and you have a total amount entered at top), the total amount will be entered by default for the first row of details. If a second row is added, the remaining balance will flow to the next row for you.

Improvements to Balance Sheet and Income Statement

There are a variety of new options when working with these reports:

  • Drilldown for Details - You can now click on the values for each account and drilldown to see the details. Then a step further, click on any line in the details to see the actual transaction.
  • Export as .CSV  There is now an Export button that converts the reports into a .csv file. This file can be imported into spreadsheets or other applications.
  • Title Name Per Page - When you print and it spans multiple pages, the title will now appear on every page.
  • Date and Entity Settings - If you go to the dashboard and change the date and/or entity, the settings will get saved until you logout.


Grower / Farm / Field / Names

You can add, edit, and delete Grower, Farms and Field Names. This can be done manually or automatically by batch importing a shapefile that contains this information. For example, taking this information from Farm Works is possible and easy to do.

Draw or Upload a Field Boundary

Tools are available for manually drawing field boundaries using a background aerial image or by importing a shapefile.

Mapped Acres will be calculated automatically; however, these can be updated to Reporting Acres.

Shapefiles can be bulk imported to reduce the steps in setting up grower/farm/field names and boundaries. This is handy when using desktop solutions like Farm Works.

Assign Crop Zones

Crops can be assigned to fields for any given year. This sets the stage for Profit Centers which will be available in the coming months. Crop Zones will eventually lead to crop plans too.

Bulk Upload of Shapefiles

Multiple shapefiles can bulk upload to simplify the process of adding your grower/farm/field names and boundaries. When uploading a file, you can select what columns from the file to use for field names and reporting area. It also lets you skip fields or update the boundary if the field already exists in Traction. A preview of the fields to be imported is available before requesting to add.