How do I edit or delete a Grower, Farm, or Field in Traction?

This article will demonstrate how to edit and delete grower, farm, or field in Traction. Traction supports a single farming operation. Use multiple farms to group your fields.

1.  Click on the Dashboard icon and select Field Ops.

Note:  We support a single grower in Traction.  Use the farm name to group fields.


2.  Click on the icon on the Grower row and select View Details.  Click Edit Grower to get to the Edit Grower screen.  After all changes have been made click on the Save button.  If you would like to delete the grower, click on the Delete button. 




3.  To edit Farm details click on the arrow next to the Grower's name to reveal the Farm name row.  Next, click on the icon and select View Details.  On the Farm Details page, click the Edit Farm button which will take you to the Edit Farm screen.  Make any changes to the name and click on the Save button right corner of your screen.  If you would like to delete the farm, then click on the Delete button. g1


4.  Click the arrow to the left of the Farm name to reveal the fields.  Click on the icon at the left of the row and select View Details to get to the Field Details screen.  Click on the Edit Field button to change any of the field details.  The field boundaries can be adjusted and you are able to delete the field.  Click on the Save button to keep any changes that you made.