2021-July Release Notes

Some of the highlights this month include supply purchases, costing supplies to field records, product inventory management, fertilizer nutrient assays, automation of favorites, and harvest records.

Basic Accounting

Supply Purchases  - [Requires Basic Operations]

When adding or editing a payment transaction, a new option called 'Supplies' is now available from the type drop-down. Products can be  selected from a searchable database list of chemicals, fertilizers or seed varieties. You can also add custom products if required.

This feature is completely integrated with Basic Operations as the 'favorite' products appear at the top for easy selection. Once a product is selected, a Beginning Balance and New Balance is displayed to provide a snapshot of inventory on-hand. Learn more

Supply Costing to Field Records  - [Requires Basic Operations]

Entering a supply purchase requires you to select crop year, quantity and cost. Traction automatically computes the average unit cost of the supply for the selected crop year and gives you the option to update your field records. This automates allocation of the actual costs of supplies to the field crop zones regardless of the tax year that the payment occurred.

Basic Operations

Product Inventory Details - [Requires Basic Accounting]

A new option called ‘Manage Inventory’ is available for each product. After selecting the crop year; the Average Cost and Current Balance of the product is displayed along with all of the purchases and uses (from field records). This makes it easy to see how the inventory balances are impacted by accounting entries or field records. Each of these digital records offer a drill-down for more details with the option to edit if required. Learn more

Fertilizer Nutrient Assay

When entering custom fertilizer products, nutrient percentages can now be entered. If you select a fertilizer from the pre-populated list, the nutrient percentages will be filled in for you. This lays the foundation for nutrient management planning, budgeting and soil health for future functionality. Learn more

Automation to Favorites

Products are automatically tagged as a 'favorite' if purchased or used on a field record. This makes it easier to find the product the next time you want to use it.

Harvest Records

Enter Average Yield or Total Dry Yield for one or multiple fields. In addition, a unit price can be entered to represent the total value of the crop. All harvest records, including equipment and personnel usage, are summarized in one area for further analysis. These records can be edited and deleted also. Learn more