How do I view and manage product inventory?

This article explains how to view product inventory balances and show the process to drill-down for more details with the option to correct mistakes when necessary.

Note:  You must have Traction Plus in order to use this feature.  Product inventory purchases are recorded in Accounting and the inventory balance is viewed in Operations.


1.  Go to  Field Ops and select Products.

2.  I am using the 1300 Orthene TR Total Release Insecticide that I previously purchased in the Account Register.  Click on the three dots on the right side of the product line.  The View Details tab will allow you to access the Product Details (e.g. units and cost) which can be edited. 

Select Manage Inventory to view the inventory details for the selected product.  The Current Balance is shown along with all Purchases and Field Records that have used this product.  

3.  The Crop Year can be selected and you can sort by Entry Types.  Click on the icon at the right side of the entry to either Go to Payment or Edit Field Record.