2021-March Release Notes

We’ve been listening to your requests and have released an exciting list of features for March. Just login to your account and start today!


Support for Property and Equipment (Fixed Assets) Accounts

Fixed asset accounts can now be added for Property & Equipment. This is useful for setting up Land, Land Improvement, Structures and Equipment accounts. In addition, you can select these accounts and enter the amounts for any purchase or sale.

New Check Printing

Checks can now be printed using Form L1053 from Nelco (one page: check above, two stubs below). Please note this is the only check style currently supported by Traction. In addition to check printing, Traction saves the date and time printed as reference and will alert you if attempting to print the check more than once. 

Use the links below to order checks and envelopes from Nelco:

Check Number Defaulting

When you select ‘Check’ from the Payment Method drop-down list, Traction will default to the next check number in sequence.  If you write a check out of sequence, you can change this value.

Adding Managers to Traction

If you go to your User Profile, a new option is available called Account Management. Account Management allows you to add a second manager user to your Traction account (all subscriptions include 2 manager logins). The process invites the second user via email and allows them to set up their own Traction account and have access to the same set of data.