2021-April Release Notes

It was a very busy month! Here is a complete list of new features for Basic Accounting and the initial release of Basic Operations.

Basic Accounting

Income and Expense Allocation to Crop Zones - Now you can assign income and expense transactions to a single or multiple crop zones. This process builds the foundation for Field Profit Centers. Detailed analysis reports for fields will be available in a future release. Learn more


Family Living Payments - For off-farm related expenses, there is a new Family Living option for the Type column. When selected, specific categories can be created to track additional detail. All of these transactions will be assigned to Drawing or Dividends (based on your entity type) with details stored in the background. In a future release, Traction will expand Family Living to include the tracking of income and offer more visibility of details within the Chart of Accounts and reporting. Learn more


Account Register Default - When navigating from the Dashboard to Accounting, the default view will be the Account Register (previously it was the Chart of Accounts). This saves you a click since the Account Register is where you'll spend a bulk of your time.


Full Screens for Data Entry - All screens for Payment, Deposit, Transfer or Add Contacts are full screens. This provides a better user experience on tablets and small screen devices. In addition, it prevents you from accidentally navigating to another area of Traction without saving.


Basic Operations 

The initial release of Basic Operations is now available. This enables manual data entry of field records (Phase 1). Here you will be able to track your seed, chemicals, fertilizer, equipment and personnel. We will continue to add other exciting features throughout the season, similar to Traction Accounting. 

If you have an existing Traction account and would like to try it, call 888-466-6080. Our team will activate Basic Operations, thus kicking off your 30-day trial.

If you are new to Traction, you can start a trial here. All data from your trial is preserved if you choose to move forward as a Traction customer. 

Enjoy the new features and thank you for being part of the Traction community.