Sharing Your Account

How do I switch between shared organizations in Traction?

In this article, we'll walk through the process of switching between organizations that you have been invited to.

1. Login to your Traction account.

Click on the green profile icon in the upper right hand side of the screen

Click the Switch Organization menu option

2. In the Select Account modal, click the drop down to select the Account you are trying to switch into.

Click the Go button when you are ready

NOTE:  If you do not see the one you are expecting, please verify that you have accepted the invitation to the account.

3.  Traction will reload with the selected accounts information.

You can verify which account you are in by clicking on the green profile icon and viewing the name of the organization underneath your username. 

In this example, we switched from the Traction Success Organization to the ABC Farm Organization.

To switch back to your own organization, you follow the same process, but select your organization name as the Account you are switching into.