Field Records

How do I enter and edit harvest field records with storage locations?

This article explains how to enter and edit harvest field records with storage locations in Traction.


1.  Click on the Dashboard and select Field Ops.  Next, select Field Records in the menu at the left of the screen.

Pic 1



2.  Click on the + New Record button and select Harvest to enter a new record. field record 1


3.  Select the Crop Zones/Field(s) you want to harvest and click on the Next button. Crop Zone Selection
4. Complete the Date/Conditions table and click Next.  Note:  the Temperature, Wind Speed, and Wind Direction are not required. Harvest 2
5.  Fill in the Average Yield, Total Dry Yield, and Unit Price for the harvested crop.  Click on the gray box to select or add a Storage Location

storage 6

 storage 7

6.  Click on the arrow to the right of Storage Location to select an existing location or to add a new storage location.  Once you have selected location enter the Quantity for that storage location.  Click on the + to the left of Add Storage Location to add other locations.  Multiple storage locations are able to be selected.  I am adding a New  storage location for this example.  Click on the Save button after naming the storage location.

NOTE:  You do not have to select a storage location.  You can leave it blank and it will be put in an Unassigned bin for that crop.



 storage 10


7.  If you have more than one storage location for this harvest record, you can enter the amounts for each location.  The amounts must add up to the total harvested amount.  Once this is done click on the Next button to continue with the harvest record. storage11

8.  Enter any Equipment or 

Personnel for this record and click on the Next button.  Add any Notes and click on the Save & Close button.



storage 12


9.  The record has been recorded in the Field Record section.  Click on the three dots to the left of the record to view the transaction details.  Click on the Edit button to make any changes to the record.  The record can be edited or deleted.  Once you have made any changes click on the Save button.