Why are my inventory balances not recorded in the Chart of Accounts?

This article demonstrates where the inventory balances are stored in Traction.

Inventory accounts in the chart of accounts are not populating at this time. 

These include: Growing Crops, Harvested Crops, and Supplies.

We are still building the accrual inventory section of Traction.  Once this functionality is delivered, these amounts will be populated.

We are also planning on adding Fuel & Oil as an inventoried supply in a future release.

1. Click on Dashboard and select Accounting. Tools


2.  Click on Chart of Accounts and locate the inventory accounts. COA


3.  The Growing Crops, Harvested Crops, and Supplies will all show a $0.00 balance.  Click on Accounting and select Field Ops. inv8





4.  Product Inventory:  Click on products in the tab at the left of the screen.  Click on the three dots to the right of your purchased product and select Manage Inventory. Ops selection



5.  This is where the inventory is located until we finish the inventory in the Chart of Accounts.   prod6


6.  Harvested Crops Inventory can be viewed in the Storage section of Field Operations.  Click on Storage to view the inventory in your storage locations.  Next, click on the three dots to the right of your storage location and select Manage Inventory to see the transactions. storage20