What is transaction matching?

This article will explain how to match automatic bank transactions (from your connected banks) to manual transactions.

When matching a transaction, the original transaction date will be used.

When you click the Sync button in Traction, all of your currently linked bank accounts will be asked for new transaction information.

If new transactions match one or more existing manually entered transactions, the Transaction Matching screen will appear.

This process helps prevent duplicate transactions from being entered in your Account Register.

To reconcile the possibly duplicate transactions, the Matching Transactions to Manual Transactions screen will appear.

This screen will allow you to keep the manual transaction or replace it with the bank synced transaction.  

After clicking on a transaction, Traction will give you the option to Match the bank transaction to an already existing manual transaction (selection its option from the list) or you can select the No Match option and click the Record as New Transaction button. 

In either case, you will need to fill-in the transaction details for all of the transactions synced from the bank.