How do I onboard my employees for payroll?

In this article, we'll walk through the process of onboarding your employees.

This article only applies to Traction Payroll users.

Information required for Employee Setup

  1. Valid employee e-mail
  2. Pay schedule
  3. Job Title
  4. Start Date
  5. Primary Work State
  6. Hourly Wage
  7. Does this employee require  their wages on a 943/941

Information required for Employee Onboarding

  1. Tax and Identity Documents
    1. W4
    2. I-9
    3. State W4
  2. Direct Deposit Bank Information 

1. Employee Information

Now that your Employer is setup, you are ready to add Employees to your payroll.

This list will contact all of your contacts who were assigned the Employee category.

If you need to add additional employees, you can click the Add Employee / Contact link.

2. Adding an Employee

  • If you click the Add Employee / Contact link, the Add Contact wizard will appear.
  • Fill in all of the pertinent information
  • Click Save & Close

3. Employee Setup

Once you have your employee contracts setup and displaying in the Employee Information screen, you are now ready to move on to the next phase of the payroll setup.

  • Click the More (three dots) button and select Employee Setup.

4. Employee Setup - Individual

In this example, we will not perform the Employee Onboarding until after we save.  In the future, if you are adding a new employee, you can check this box and choose the appropriate option.

  • Fill in all pertinent information
  • When ready, click the Save button

5. Active but not Onboarded Employee

  • The employee you just setup is now shown as Active
    • Each employee in an Active status is counted towards your Payroll License limit
  • Click the More (three dots) button and select Onboard Employee.

If this employee has already been verified, you can choose the first option.

If the employee is new and needs to be verified, you can choose the second option which will allow you to take pictures of identification for I-9 verification.

In this KB article, we'll choose just the first option.

6. Onboard Employee, Completed Verification

  • Fill out the Profile Information for your employee or have your employee fill this out with you
  • Review the information
  • Click Next when ready

7. W4 and Direct Deposit Paperwork

The next screen will ask you to fill out your Federal W4, State W4 (if applicable), and Bank Information for direct deposit

The initial screen is for your Federal W4

Fill in the details

Add a digital signature and click Save

Click Review Form


The document will then be rendered with the values you provided.

Please review the document

If you need to make changes, click Cancel, otherwise, click Submit

NOTE:  If you need to make future changes to a W4, we will need to create a support ticket with Zeal to update this information.


8. State W4

Follow the same steps as before, entering the appropriate information in each field, signing, reviewing, and submiting.

9. Direct Deposit

Enter the appropriate information for the employee's direct deposit, review, and then 

10. Final Confirmation

  • Once the paperwork has been signed and submitted, your employee's onboarding is complete.
  • Close the tab that was opened for onboarding and return to your Traction Ag account tab

11.  Setup and Onboarding are now complete.

  • The employee you just walked through the onboarding with will now be listed with Yes in both the Onboarded and Active columns.
  • As long as all of your other paperwork and verification (including micro-deposits) has gone through, you are all set to run your first payroll.