How do I take a picture of a receipt and tag it to a transaction using my phone?

This article explains how to use your camera phone to take a picture of a receipt and start a manual transaction using your phone.

Note: The Traction web application works on all devices connected to the internet. No special app is required to install on your phone to make this feature work.

Traction Mobile app is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

1.  Push the button an select Accounting.
2.  Select Account Register.
3.  Select the Account that you want to use for this transaction.  Next, push the in the bottom right corner and select Add Payment Transaction.
4.  Fill-in the Total and the Contact or Memo.  Next, push the button in bottom left corner of your screen.  Select Take Photo and take a picture of the receipt or invoice.  When your photo is taken it will appear at the bottom of the screen in Files to Upload.

5.  The final step is to hit the save button.   A Warning message will pop-up stating that the amount will go to "Uncategorized Expenses" and if you want to continue.  This appears because some of the details have not been entered.  The details can be entered on your phone or you can wait and do it later on your desktop device.  Click on Yes to continue to the Account Register.
6.  The transaction will have an ! in the Account Register until all of the details are entered.