Chart of Accounts

How do you record Livestock in the Chart of Accounts in Traction?

This article shows how to record livestock in the chart of accounts in Traction. We will use equipment as the type until livestock is available as an account type.

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1. Click on Dashboard and select Accounting. image-png-Jan-18-2022-08-52-04-54-PM


2.  Select your checking account in the Chart of Accounts. Scroll down to the Property & Equipment section then click on the arrow to the right of Details and select Add Account. COA


3.  Select the account type, Equipment, and name the account, Livestock Cattle.  Enter all of the details and balances for the accounts.  Create a subheading called Livestock and select it for both the Livestock Cattle and Acc. Depreciation on Livestock Cattle.  When all entries have been made click on the Save & Close button.  p&e2
4.  There will be a subheading for Livestock with the Livestock Cattle and Acc. Depreciation on Livestock Cattle below.  The Livestock accounts will be separated on the Balance Sheet report as well.  p&e3