How do you Reconcile Accounts in Traction?

This article will demonstrate how to Reconcile an account in Traction.



Note:  If you reconcile February first, then you will not be able to reconcile January.

1.  Click on the Dashboard icon and select the Accounting tab.

2.  Click on the Reconcile tab on the left side of the screen. 
3.  Select the desired account from the drop-down menu.  Next, fill in the Ending Balance and Ending Date for the account being reconciled.  When all of the information is entered click on the Start Reconciling button.


4.  If you have entered the incorrect information, click on the Edit Info button in the top right corner.  This will take you back to the Reconcile an Account screen where you can edit your information.  The option to Save For Later or Close Without Saving is in the top right of your screen.  The transactions can be sorted to show All or just Payments or Deposits.  The check marks for transactions indicates that they are cleared.  There is also an option to View Summary to see any outstanding payments or deposits.

5.  Once all of the transactions are checked, the button in the right corner changes to Complete Reconciliation.  After you have finished going through your transactions, click on the Complete Reconciliation button.  If you are in balance, then a window will appear telling you that your account is reconciled.  Click on the You can find a summary of the reconciliation here to see the details and print if desired.  Once you have reconciled this month, your ending balance is recorded as your beginning balance in the Reconcile an Account screen.

6.  Click on the Account Register to view the transactions.  The Status of all of the transactions has been updated to R.