How do I add 'favorite' products (supplies) and assign costs to each?

This article how to add products from a standardized database of chemicals, seeds and fertilizers. You will be able to add these as 'favorites' and assign a cost to them.


1.  Click on Dashboard and select Field Ops. 101
2.  Click on Products on the left of the screen.  A list of products will appear on the screen.  You can type a name in the search box to find a specific product.


3.  Click on the desired Product category you would like to see.  Click on the  to mark as favorite.  Next, click on the to view the details for this product.  Click on the Edit button to enter the cost for this Product.

Note:  You can also unfavorite the product by clicking the star icon again.

4.  Click on the Edit button to enter the cost for this Product.  When you have made all of your edits, click the Save button.  This will take you to the Product Detail screen.  To return to the main Product screen, click on the green back arrow.

5.  The Price of the product will now appear in the list view.  You will be able to select your favorites for each of the product categories using the same method.