How do Land Agreements impact my detailed Field Profit Center Report?

This article shows how to view the field profit center report with land agreements.

This article shows the Field Profit Center Report for a field with a Land Agreement.  For this example a field record has been entered. 

1.  Go to the Dashboard and click on the Select Crop Zones button. db


2.  Select the Crop Zones for the report and click the Apply button.  Next, select the Report Type, Crop Zone - Detailed and enter the correct date range.



3.  Click on the graph area to view the report.  Select the Report Type that you would like to see. You are able to choose the Farmer Share, Landowner Share, or Landowner & Farmer Shares. rep14




4.  The Farmer Shares Only report shows 1 gallon of product applied.  The  The Landowner & Farmer Shares report shows 2 gallons of product applied.  LA15