How do I view equipment costs on the Field Profit Center Report?

This article explains how to view fixed (default) and actual equipment costs on the Field Profit Center Report.

Required Products: Advanced Accounting, Basic Accounting and Basic Operations 


1.  Go to the Dashboard section of Traction. Tools


2.  In the report type box click on the arrow to select Crop Zone - Detailed.  Also, select the entity or entities and the date range you wish to view.  Click on the graphs to view the report. fpc1



3.  The Actual Equipment Costs is selected by default.  This shows all of the costs allocated to this piece of equipment. fpc3


4.  Select the Default Equipment Costs to view the report.  The Default Equipment Costs should be used in the beginning of the year until you get more costs entered.  As the year progresses the default rate will become closer to the actual rate. fpc5


5.  You can create a spreadsheet report from the equipment screen in Traction.  Click on the Equipment tab in Field Operations and select all of the columns and values and copy the entries. equip22


6.  Open your Google Sheets and paste the items into your document.