Polygon - Zone Sampling

How do I upload a Zones sample layer?

This article will demonstrate how you can bring in a zones sample layer into Traction for sampling.

1.  From the Menu choose Agronomy Menu_agronomy

2.  From the menu on the left side of the screen, choose Zones and then choose the +New Zone button from the upper right corner.

Zones Menu
3.  Choose the Field

4.  Choose the Upload Shape File icon

Upload Shapefile Icon

  • Drag/Drop your file or Click in the Import File dialog box to browse your files.
  • Choose the Sample ID Column (or choose an attribute that you want to use as your Sample ID)
  • Choose Apply to upload the file


5.  Enter a Name and then choose Save & Close.    in the lower right of your screen.

6.  Once uploaded you will see the Field show in your Zones List (top image) and you will now have the Zones available for sampling in the Traction Field app.