Onboarding and Setup

How do I update the W4 information for my employees?

In this article, we'll walk you through the process of updating the W4 information related to your individual employees.

1.  Go to the Accounting module, select Payroll, Employee Info, and then click on the Payroll Dashboard button.  A new window will open with your Payroll Dashboard.

2.  In the Payroll Dashboard, click on People in the left-side menu.

3.  Select the employee you want to edit.

4.  Depending on which Tax Settings you want to edit, click either Federal Tax Information or State Tax Information, followed by clicking the pencil icon to enable editing.

Employee-W4-2022-07-13 15-42

5.  Once you have made your desired changes, review the information, and then click the Submit button.

6.  You should see a confirmation pop-up stating:  Success  Tax Information Updated!

And you are all set.  If you have other Employees who need their W4 information updated, just follow the instructions again from step 2 forward.