How do I setup an entity?

This article explains how to add your various business entities to your Traction account.


1. After first logging in to your Traction account, you will be greeted by our Let's get started! Dashboard widget.

The first thing we need to do is create Entities inside your account.

Click the orange button to start this process.

2. Click the Add First Entity button

3. Traction's Add Entity screen will appear.

Fill out all of the fields as applicable.

4. For the Ownership section, you can add multiple owners based on their percentage of ownership (assuming Corporation was not selected).

Simply add an owners name, the percent they own, and click the Add Owner button.


5. Review your information (it can be edited later) and then click the Save & New button.

6. The entity will be displayed in your Entities list.

To edit an already existing entity, click on the entity in the list to bring up its summary page.

7. Then click on the pencil edit icon.

8. You will now see the entity's information populated in the Edit Entity screen.

If you make any changes you would like to save, click the Save button.

If you would like to discard your changes, click the Cancel button.