How do I reset my Traction password?

In this article, we'll walk through the process of setting your Traction account's password

If your Account Activation e-mail link has expired please contact Traction Customer Success at 1-888-466-6080 and we can assist you further. 

Password Reset

1. Click on Need help signing in?  Click on Forgot password?


2.  Enter your e-mail address and Click Reset via Email



3.  You will receive a confirmation that an e-mail has been set to that address.



4.  Check your Inbox and you should receive a Reset Your Password e-mail and Click the Reset Password link.

NOTE:  If you receive a Your Password Request Denied e-mail, this can mean that your account was never activated.  Please contact Traction's Success Team via e-mail ( or phone (1-888-466-6080) for assistance.



5.  You will need to answer the security question you entered in for your account.

If you do not remember your security question, please contact Traction Customer Success at 1-888-466-6080.

Once you do reset your password, please make sure you update your security question and note your answer in a safe place.




6.  After you enter the correct answer, you can reset your password.  Enter in your new password twice.

After you have documented your password, click the Reset Password button.  You will now be able to login to your Traction account with your new password.


Update your Security Question


1.  Login to your Traction Business account.


2.  Then navigate to the following URL:


3.  Scroll down and click the Edit button for the Forgotten Password Question section.



4.  Update the question and answer as appropriate and then click Save.


Now your Security Question and Answer have been updated.  Please document them in a safe place for future use.