How do I return a purchase made to a credit card?

This article will walk you through the process of handling returns/refunds for your credit card.

1.  Navigate to your Account Register, select a checking account that is in the same entity as the credit card we need to apply the return to, create a new payment transaction, and fill in the top fields as appropriate.  The transaction will be $0, so it will not impact your checking account's balances.

2.  Enter a negative value for the return.  In our example, we are returning some supplies, so we will need to enter in the quantity purchased as a negative value so we will have a negative dollar amount.

This process will work for any return.  Just use the same account that was used in the purchase and make sure the amount is negative.

3.  Add a new row and enter a positive value for the same amount, but allocate this to your credit card.  This will adjust the credit card.

4.  Double check the information.  If everything looks good, click the Save & Close button, and you are all set.