Work Orders

How do I print soil sampling Bag Labels?

This article will demonstrate how to print soil sampling bag labels for use when submitting to a soil lab.

Printing bag labels require Avery 5160 office labels.

1. From Field Ops, choose Work Orders. image-png-Mar-29-2022-04-44-18-96-PM
2. Choose the Field from the list and the Print icon over to the right of your screen. image-png-Mar-29-2022-04-45-36-53-PM

3. Set the toggle to green/active for bag labels. Enter the number of expected samples. Choose Print.


*Choose the gear icon for additional printer options.

Bag Labels -  Use Avery 5160 office labels.

  • The first label can be scanned using the camera on your device or using the QR reader icon in Traction Field to launch the work order and get ready for sampling. 
  • Next are the individual bag labels for the number of expected samples that were entered.
  • Finally the last label contains the information from the Lab Check-in sheet.
Note* Some labs may not be using QR codes so use in addition with the Lab Check-in Sheet or confirm with your lab.