How do I move harvested crop inventory to a supply inventory?

This article explains how to transfer a harvested crop inventory to a inventory supply (such as seed) to be used for field records.




1.  Click on Dashboard and select Accounting.
tools 15
Acct Register 22.  Click on the Account Register in the left tab and click on the Add New button.  Next, select Add New Deposit.

3.  Enter the sale of the harvested crop on the first line.  On the second line add the negative dollar amount to the crop sales account.  Click on the Save button when all the details are entered.

acct register4

4.  Click on the Add New button and select Add New Payment 


5.  Enter the product with crop year that the seed will be used.  Add an additional row with seed expense listed as a negative dollar amount.  When all of the details have been entered click on the Save & Close button.



6.  The inventory has been recorded for the seed supply.