How do I invoice a landowner using equipment units from field records?

This article explains how to invoice a landowner using equipment units from field records. This is great for custom work situations. You need to have a land agreement associated with the field prior to the field record being created/imported

This feature requires Traction Pro.




1.  Click on Dashboard and select Accounting.


2.  Select Invoices in the left menu.


3.  Click on the + New Invoice button.


4..  Add the Seller's and Customer's information and click on the Next button.


5.  Fill in the invoice details and click on the Next button.



6.  Click on the Bill Landowner button.  Turn on the toggle for Bill Equipment then select the field record (s) you wish to include in the invoice.  When you have made your selection (s) click the Apply button. 



7.  Make any necessary changes to the products and equipment.  Click the Next button when finished.


8.  Inspect the preview of the invoice.  Click on the Back button if you need to make changes.  If the invoice is correct, click on the Save & Close button.


9.  The invoice will now appear on the Invoice home screen.