How do I enter initial or carryover product inventories into Traction?

This article will explain how to enter product inventories for the first time in Traction or carryover inventories from a previous Crop Year.

Note:  Traction Plus is required for this feature.  To view the inventory balances on the accrual balance sheet, you must own Traction Pro.


1.  Click on the Dashboard and select Accounting.  Next, select the proper account in the Account Register.  Then click on the Add New button and select Add New Payment.


Depending on the type of inventory adjustment you need to make, please choose the appropriate scenario below:

  • Scenario A:  Scenario A:  Adding an Initial Supply Inventory to Traction
  • Scenario B:  Transferring the Current Crop Year's Supply Inventories in Traction to the Next Crop Year


Scenario A:  Adding an Initial Supply Inventory to Traction


2A.  This transaction is for users who do not already have an inventory in Traction and need to create one based on the supplies they have on hand.

Transaction Date:  Enter January 1st for the appropriate Crop Year.

One line will be a Supplies purchase for the particular product.  In our case, we are adding 103 gallons of 1300 Orthene for our 2023 Crop Year.

The second line will be an Other transaction for the same Expense account.  In this example, we will use Chemicals Expense.  The amount will be a negative of the dollar amount in the Supplies purchase line.  This will offset the expense and add the supply to your initial inventory for this year.


Scenario B:  Transferring the Current Crop Year's Supply Inventories in Traction to the Next Crop Year


2B.  Similar to the steps listed above for setting up your initial inventories in Traction, the only difference is in the details of the transaction.

In the case of moving inventories that already exist in Traction, you would still make a two line transaction, but in this scenario, you would make one line with the current Crop Year using a negative amount for the quantity and the next Crop Year with a positive:

In my example below, I am moving 103 gallons of 1300 Orthene from Crop Year 2022 to Crop Year 2023.

Saving the Transaction


3.  After you have reviewed your transaction, click the Save and Close button.  You will receive a warning about the $0 payment transaction.  This is expected, so click Yes.

Next, you will be asked if you want to update the average cost for your products.  You can click No since this is a transfer.


Review Your Updated Inventories

4.  Click on the Dashboard and select Field Ops.  Next, click on the Products tab in the left margin to check view the inventory.


5.  Click on the product row and select Manage Inventory to view the inventory. If you look at the current year, the inventory balance should be 0.
If you change the Crop Year from the current year to next year, you will see the inventory there instead.