Family Living

How do I enter expenses and categories for Family Living?

This article explains how to enter expenses and categories for Family Living. This is handy for expenses that do not belong on the farm books but use the same farm checking account.



1.  Go to the Account Register and click on the Add New and select Add New Payment.

2.  Click on the arrow to the right of Other and select Family Living.  The record will now show the  Drawing account and all of the details can be recorded.
3.  A Family Living Category can be selected for this transaction.  Eventually we will have a Family Living report where the expenses will be broken down by categories.  Click on the arrow to the right of the Family Living Category box and type your new category name.  Next, click on the green box to add your category.  This will take you to the category screen where you will will select your Entity, then click the Save button.

4.  When all of the details have been entered for the transaction, click on the Save & Close button.  The transaction will now be shown in the Account Register.


5.  The transaction amount was added to the Chart of Accounts balance for the Drawing account.  Click on the dollar amount to see the transactions.  You can also click on either line of the transaction to get to the Payment Transaction Details screen to make any edits.