How do I create land agreements?

This article explains how to create land agreements for cash rent, sharecropping and custom work scenarios.

This feature requires Traction Pro.

DO NOT use this feature for historic crop years.

Land Agreement calculations are only included in Field Records after the Land Agreement has been created.  If you need previously entered Field Records to be included, you will need to edit the record(s) to see their impact.

If you need to update the land agreements for a group of fields, you can re-select them, setup a new Land Agreement, and then save the changes.  Since you can only have one Land Agreement on a field, this will overwrite the previous agreement.

As noted above, if you need to also update previous Field Records, you will need to update those records as well.

1.  Click on the Dashboard icon and select Field Ops.


2.  Click on the Land Agreements tab  in the menu on the left of the screen.


3.  Click on the + New Agreement button at the top of the screen.  Click on the arrow to the right of Lessee to select the Entity/Grower.  If it is not listed, click on the +New button. I chose my entity name: Traction Farms.

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4.  Click on the Fields (0) button to select your Field(s) or Farm(s).  Click on the arrow to the left of the Grower name to show the farms.  Similarly click on the arrow to the left of the farm name to show the field names.  Click on the Farm Name to select all of the fields in that farm on select individual farm(s).  The selections will be highlighted in green.  When you have made your selection(s) click on the Apply button.  The Fields box will now show the number of fields selected in parenthesis. 

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5.  Click the + Add Landowner to enter the Landowner and details.  Select the Landowner from the list or add new.  Next, select the Agreement Period date range.

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6.  Fill in the details for the Land Agreement using the percentages for all of the categories.  Input shares allows you to Bill Landowner for specific inputs.  Click on the Save button when you have entered all values.

The percentage for Harvest Share and Input Share is based on the Landowner Area, not the total area of the field.

For instance, we have a 100 acre field.  If the Landowner's area is 50%, their harvest share is 50%, and their input share is 50%, you would need to setup the following in your agreement.

Field Area 100 acres
Landowner Area 50 acres (50%)
Harvest Share 100%
Input Share 100%

This would mean that the Landowner's share for harvest and input is 100% of their 50 acres. 

7.  You can upload a copy of the Land Agreement and add any notes in the designated area.  When all details are entered click on the Save button.

8.  The Land Agreements were created for each of the fields and are listed separately in the Land Agreements screen.  You can view/edit the details by clicking on the three dots to the right of each agreement line.

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