How do I create a Lab Account?

This article will demonstrate how to create a Lab Account for soil test results.

Note: If you are choosing a Lab and you do not see the Lab you use in our list, please contact Traction at 1-888-305-3839 or Please provide the name of the lab, location, phone number, and the contact that works with your account.

1.  From the Traction Dashboard click on Agronomy. Menu_agronomy
2.  From the menu on the left of your screen, click on Lab Accounts. Agronomy menu
3.  Click on the green box in the upper right +New Lab Account. Updated New Lab Account

4.  In the New Lab Account screen, you will fill out the necessary information for your lab. 

  • Name - This is what you want to use to distinguish this setup. If you are a grower, this may just be the name of the lab. If you are working with multiple accounts you may want to name it the lab and an identifier for the account.
  • Lab - Using the drop down, choose your lab in the list of compatible labs. 
  • Lab Account Name 
  • Lab Account Number
  • Contact Name - contact name at the lab
  • Test Package
Click Save & Close in the bottom right of the screen when finished.
New Account Filled Out and Save


5.  The lab will now display in Lab Accounts but also when you create a new Sample Event you will have the lab in your drop down in the Lab Account box. Lab Account Display