How do I close completed Work Orders?

This article will demonstrate how to close completed work orders from the system.

Method 1 - Closing Multiple or Single Work Orders with Bulk Edit-

1. To close multiple or a single work orders that have been completed, click on Work Orders under Field Ops.

2. Click on Bulk Edit over on the right side of your screen.
3. Click on Close Completed from the top of your screen to bulk close your completed jobs.
4. Confirm that you would like to Close Work Orders.
Closing a work order removes it from the view. However, you can use the Status filter to view your closed records again. Click on the Status filter and choose Closed.

Method 2 - Closing a Single Work Order - 

1. Click on the Work Order. 

2. Click on the Status box to change the status from Completed to Close.

3. Choose Yes to confirm that you would like to change the status to close and remove the work order from viewing (Note* you can view closed work orders by filtering by Status and choosing the Closed option).

Choose No to cancel the process of changing the status.