How do I bulk edit field records?

In this article, we'll walk through the process of bulk editing the products used in your field records.


1.  Navigate to Field Operations and Select Field Records from the side menu.


2.  Prepare your filters so you can easily find the field records you want to edit.


3.  With your field records filtered, click the Bulk Edit button.  You can now select the fields you want to edit by clicking the circle next to their date.  Once you have your selection made, click the Product button to begin editing their products.


4.  Make the adjustments for the products.  Each field that you have edited will show up with an orange border.


5.  Once you have made all of your changes, review your work, and then click the Save button.  You will receive a confirmation about how many fields you are editing and that you want to complete the changes.

The adjustments you have made will be proportionally applied based on the size of the fields.


And that's it.  The adjustments have now been applied to these field records and will now be reflected in your inventories and reports.