How do I add a new seed variety product?

This article explains how to add seed varieties from a standardized database and mark them as your 'favorite'. Traction also allows you to manually add varieties not listed in the database.


Tip: Before adding your own custom products into Traction, make sure you search our existing product database. This is important because the database will include additional product information, such seed traits, manufacturer and more.

1.  Go to  Field Ops and select Products.


2. Select the Seed tab and search for the product. 

Note:   Search for the product first before creating a New Product. 

If it is not in the list, then click on the +New Product button to add a new product to the list.

3.  Fill in the details for the new product in the New Product - Seed screen.  Click on the Save & Close button to add the seed to your list.
4.  The seed is automatically marked as a favorite in your seed list and will be labeled Custom for the Manufacturer.  The product details can be edited by clicking on the icon.