What is Max Distance from Target and what does it do?

This article will demonstrate how to set the maximum distance from target and will show how this feature behaves when sampling using the Field app.

The Traction Field app is now available in the App Store. Please contact Traction at 1-888-305-3839 or success@tractionag.com for more information.

1.  When you begin a sampling event inside Field, you will get the Sampling Options icon in the upper right corner of the app.

Sampling Options Icon

Tapping this icon will open the Sampling Options dialog box. Type in the appropriate Max Distance from Target in feet and then choose Apply to have that distance used in the app.

Max Distance
2.  Once you have selected the Start Sampling, the distance to the sample point will show in the upper left corner. Distance to Point
3. If the distance to the point is outside of the designated Max Distance from Target the app will give a notification Max distance to target notification

4.  Select the appropriate action for the sample  -

  • Mark at Target Location -  Keeps the coordinates of the original target sample location and the sample label. This option does not make changes to the original target sample other than marking it sampled.
  • Mark at my Current Location - Removes the target sample from original position and moves it to your new GPS location and keeps the sample label the same.
  • Mark New Location - (Image to the right) This option marks a new point and will open the Enter New Sample Label. You can keep the default of the next sample number or enter a new Sample Label.
Mark new location

5. Continue sampling and tap the Pause iconComplete

in the upper right corner to choose the appropriate option for ending the event.

Complete Sampling