How can I edit a Sample Point in Traction Field?

This article will demonstrate how you can edit a Sample Point while sampling with Traction Field.

The Traction Field app is now available in the App Store. Please contact Traction at 1-888-305-3839 or for more information.

To Edit a sample point while sampling - 

Tap on the point you would like to Edit. Edit options dialog will pop up. You will have the options to Delete, Edit Label, or Move.

Edit sample point

Edit and Delete a point - 

Freehand - When sampling Freehand this will remove/delete the point that you choose.

Target Samples or Grid - When sampling using the Target Samples or Grid method, the delete option will deactivate the point.

Note: You will still see the point as an unmarked sample point when sampling, and the Mark Sample # banner changes once you get closer to your next sample point. When you save that event the point will be gone in the Sample Event. In the example to the right, the Sample Event has been saved and Sample Point 11 is now deleted from the Sample Event.


Deleted sample site

Edit and Edit Label for a point - 

  • Tap Edit Label and enter the new label in the Edit Sample Label dialog box. 
  • Choose Save to save your changes
  • Choose Cancel to cancel to go back to the Edit Sample point dialog box.
  • Tap the X in the Edit dialog box when finished making edits.

Edit a Sample Point Label

Edit and Move a point - 

When choosing to Move the point a pin will appear.

  • Move the background imagery to the appropriate area for the sample point.
  • Choose Done in the upper right corner of the Move dialog box to save the new location.
  • Cancel in the upper left corner if you want to cancel your edit.
  • Tap the X in the Edit dialog box when finished making edits.

Move a sample point