How do I import scale tickets with a CSV file?

In this article, we'll walk through the process of importing your Load and Scale tickets with a CSV file.





Start a New Crop Inventory Import Session

Navigate to Operations, select Crop Inventory from the side-menu, and then click on + Add Loads.


How to Import a CSV File

Choose CSV Import


Fill out the Grower, Harvest Product, and Crop Year related to the import and then select your CSV file.

You can only import one Harvest Product at a time.  If multiple exist within your spreadsheet, Traction will automatically filter to the selected Harvest Product.


Next, you will Map the Columns found inside your CSV to the fields inside Traction.  All fields do not need to be mapped in order to proceed.


Next, you will map the values found inside your CSV to the values found inside your Traction account.


Now, you can review the data and make any adjustments before you import the loads into your account.

If you need to fill an entire Date or Destination column with a single value, you can use the paint bucket icon to accomplish this.


After you have reviewed the data, you can choose save a template of your associations (which can be used again in a future CSV import) or simply import your loads without saving the template.



Bushel:  Common Field Associations

Below are common field associations between a Bushel CSV export and Traction fields.


Bushel Traction
Ticket ID ID
Destination / Storage Location
Date Date/Time
Weigh In At Date/Time
Field Name Field
Commodity Harvest Product
Gross Weight Gross
Net Amount Final Dry
Net Weight Net Wet
Tare Weight Tare
Remarks Notes
Truck Driver Personal
Truck Name Equipment



Agrimatics / Libra Cart:  Common Field Associations

Below are common field associations between an Agrimatics / Libra Cart CSV export and Traction fields.


Agrimatics Traction
time Date/Time
farm Farm
source Field
commodity Harvest Product
weight Net Wet
dry weight Final Dry
moisture Moist
test weight Test Weight
truck Equipment
operator Personal
note Note