Can I have my own custom fertility equation(s) in Traction?

This article will demonstrate how to have a custom fertility equation added into Traction.

*Note - Contact Customer Success at  or (888)305-3839 to have us add/ assist with your custom fertility equations. Once we add these in Traction, you will need to verify they work as expected.

Go to Dashboard > Agronomy > Sample Events (Needs to have a green check to show results are in for making a recommendation)  > New Recommendations

Under Equation Set, you will see Soil Lab equations, Custom Equations, and University Equations.

  • Soil Lab Equations - These are standard equations from the lab submitting your results.
  • Custom Equations -  User defined equations submitted by them for use in their database.
  • University Equations - Public equations published by universities.
Equation Sets


When adding custom equations to your database, please contact Customer Success to assist you.

What you will need - 

  • Formula(s) - Preferably in Excel format but not required.
  • Example recommendation, report, and variables to create for each formula.
  • Meeting(s) - Success Representative will want to meet to better understand the formulas and the needs
  • Verification - Once the custom equations are in Traction, it is the User's responsibility to test the equations and verify that the equations are working and generating the recommendations as expected.

Depending on time of year for request and complexity of the formulas, please allow our Customer Success team between 5-10 business days to complete your request.

*Note - User will be provided with equations in Excel format to test and verify and once the formulas are in Traction, the user will need to verify that the equations are working as expected. This is covered in our Terms of Use