How do I use drawing tools for creating field boundaries?

This article takes a closer look at the available tools for drawing field boundaries in Traction.



1.  Click on the Dashboard and select Field Ops. Field_Ops_Button
2.  Select the Farms / Fields tab on the left of the screen.  Click on the arrow to the left of the Grower, then click on the and select New Field. New_Field_Click_Details
3.  Click on the to enter full-screen view and then    to exit full-screen view.  The + and - icons allow you to zoom in or out.
4.  To draw a rectangular field click on this icon:  .  Position the left vertex where you would like it, then left click to start creating your rectangle.  Drag your mouse over the area and click on the right bottom vertex of the rectangle to place your boundary.
5.  Click on the to draw a circular boundary.  Click where you would like the center of the region to be placed and move your mouse to adjust the radius of the circle.  Next, click on the point on the circle to place your boundary.

6.  Click on the Polygon tool to create an irregularly shaped boundary.  Left-click on the first point of your boundary to start setting vertices.  When you have completed the boundary, click on the first boundary point to set your boundary.

7.  Click on the to edit an existing boundary.  All of the boundary markers will appear and you can click and drag each one to edit your boundary.  Click on Finish when you are finished editing your boundary.
8.  Click on the to cut a section of your field out of an existing boundary.  The bottom screenshot shows the section that was removed from your boundary.

9.  The icon allows you to reposition the field boundary.  Click on the Finish button when you are satisfied with the adjustment.

10.  Click on the icon to delete the field boundary.  Click anywhere in the field boundary area to delete it and click on Finish.

11.  Click on the icon to Hide the field names.  Click on the icon to Show the field names.

12.  Click on the icon to upload a Shape file of your field boundaries.  This will allow you to select a shapefile from your documents.  Once you have made your selection, click on the Open button to import your boundaries.