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How do I handle fallow fields in Traction?

In this article, we'll walk through how to assign a Field as Fallow.

With the updated Crops and Harvest Product workflow, you can add Fallow directly into your account and treat it as you would any other crop.

If you are already familiar with how to add Crops and Harvest Products to your account, all you need to do is simply add the Fallow crop and add a Harvest Product for the same.


If this is new to you, please head over to our Crops Management article to learn how to add Crops and Harvest Products to your account.





1.  Click on Dashboard and select Field Ops.
tool 22

2.  Select Farms / Fields  from the left menu and locate the Grower line.  Click on the three dots to the left of the line and select Manage Crop Years.

tool 23


tool 24


3.  Click on the arrow to the right in the Crop Year box and select the next crop year, in this example it will be 2023.  Also, select the crop that you plan on planting the following year.  You are able to change the crop anytime and all transactions and field records will automatically update.  Click on the Save button when you have made your selection (s).  Click on the X in the green circle at the top right of the screen to return to the Farms / Fields section.

Field Records



4.  Click on the +New Record button and select the appropriate action.   Select the crop year, 2023 for this example, and the desired fallow field. This will assign the costs to the following crop years.  You will complete the record as usual.

 tool 29





5.  In the Account Register and select Add New Payment.  Select the Account and click on the arrow to the right of No Allocation.  Select Crop Zones, then select the crop year, 2023 for this example, and the field.  Click on the Apply button to confirm the selection.  Click on the Save & Close button to record the transaction.