How do you export Field Boundaries from John Deere Operations Center?

This article will demonstrate how to export field boundary files from John Deere Operations Center and import into Traction.


1.  Log into the account at  and select Operations Center.    
2.  In the Operation Center, make sure you the correct organization is selected  in the upper right.  Next, select the field icon in the upper left corner.
3.  Select the check box icon and then choose either Select All or select the fields to export.  After choosing the fields, select the Export icon to export the shapes.
4.  Follow the prompts to export the boundary then select Export and then Done, when prompted.
5.  After creating the export file, select the tools icon in the upper left and then navigate to Files in the drop-down menu.
6.  Under the Files tab, the recently created export file will show up as  The file will be grey until it is fully processed by John Deere.  Once it turns green the file is complete.
7.  Check the box next to the file, then select the download icon and select AS A .ZIP FILE.  This will download the file into your Downloads folder.
8.  Open your Traction account and choose Tools from the Dashboard Menu at the top left of the page.
9.  Click on the arrow to the right of Bulk Upload and select Field.  Click on the box containing Drag/Drop files here or click here to select the zipped file containing your field boundaries and click on the Open button.

10.  Click Next once the file has been uploaded.
11.  In the Select the Grower Column choose Client Name.  In the Select Farm Column choose Farm Name.  In the Select Field Column choose Field Name.  In the Select Reporting Area Column choose Size.  Click on the Next button after all columns are selected.
12.  Review the files and the map of your fields to ensure they are correct.  If there are no changes needed, click on the Import button.  A window will indicate that the files were imported correctly.
13.  Click on Tools at the top right of the screen and select Field Ops.  This will take you to the screen where your fields will be listed.