How do I add farm equipment?

This article explains how to add farm equipment, allowing you to track the usage for field records.

1.  Click on the Dashboard and select Field Ops.
2.  Click on Equipment tab on the left of the screen and click on the + New Equipment button.
3.  Enter the Name and Operation Cost and click Save & Close.  If you would like to add more equipment from this screen, click on the arrow to the right of Save & Close and select Save & New.  The equipment has been added to the Equipment screen.  Click on the three dots at the right of the row to view the details.


4.  To edit click on the three dots and select View Details.  This will take you to the Equipment Details screen where you can click on Edit.  Changes can be made and Saved or you can Delete the equipment.  If you click Delete, then a confirmation window will appear confirming that you wish to delete.  If no changes are made, click on Cancel to return to the Equipment Details screen.  Click on the Green Arrow to return to the main Equipment screen.




5.  The following link shows average Operation Costs for equipment in a publication from Purdue University.

Average Operating Costs for Equipment

A excerpt of this article is shown to the right.