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Enterprise: Harvest Checklist


Harvest is one of the busiest times of the operating year for every farm. As you work through this harvest prep checklist, ask yourself these questions to make sure your Traction Enterprise account is ready for harvest.


Preparing for Harvest - Web



Do you have all of your customers and landowners added as entities? 

Setup>Land Agreements

Are the correct Land Agreements in place to ensure proper grain attribution?

Setup>Inventory Locations

Do you have your farm locations and customer locations added with crop storage bins? (We haul to the bins not the inventory location, so if the inventory location is set-up without bins it will not show up for operators).

Is each bin labeled with the correct crop it will receive?


Do you have all of your equipment added that your team will be using?


Are your price assumptions updated and are your harvest settings correct?


Operations>Plans>Field Plans

Have Harvest Tasks been created for the relevant fields?

  • Check to see that you have created Harvest Tasks for the Field Boundaries that you want to Harvest.
  • If you need to create these Tasks, you can do this per Field Boundary on the Field Plans page, or in bulk via the Task Manager page.

Are you ready for fall (non-harvest) Tasks associated with next year's Production Cycle?

  • Create a fall work plan and assign it to next year's fields, so you're able to capture the work done this year. 


Crops>Contract Manager

Monitor deliveries and settlements against contracts throughout harvest.


Have you been reconciling harvest totals as they’re coming into Traction Enterprise Business from the field?

  • Reconcile the totals and loads recorded from your various harvest equipment.


 Associate harvest loads with contracts on a load by load basis.

  • Add hauling loads here
  • Inventory Adjustments can be made here as well

Crops>Inventory>Inventory Balances

Check your crop inventory balances and remaining bin capacity.

Crops>Yield>Summary and Crops>Yield>Analyzer

Check out yields as you move throughout harvest.


Reports>Landowner Yield

Generate printable yield reports for your landowners.


Financials>Profit Analyzer

As harvest progresses, watch how actual yields affect field level profitability.

Financials>Revenue Forecast

As harvest tasks are completed, take a look at how yields and harvest progress affect your organization’s revenue forecast.


Preparing for Harvest - Mobile

Check out our harvest prep course for mobile users.

Consider what workflow you want to use:

  • Harvesters - Equipment Totals
  • Tractors - Grain Cart Transfers to Equipment or Destination
  • Trucks - Scale Ticket Transfers to Destinations


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