Enterprise: Traction Enterprise Webinars

Enterprise: Advanced Data Analysis Series



Uncovering Your Most Profitable Practices

Customer Success Managers Steven Beisswenger and Joanna King will discuss how to uncover your most profitable practices from 2020.

Topics include:

  • Profit trends in tillage or irrigation practices
  • Profit trends in input efficiency - where input choices actually made a yield difference
  • Profit trends in land agreements - where I need to negotiate new terms to improve business performance




Using Profit Analysis to Improve Land Agreement Terms

Customer Success Managers Sean Foster and Jenna Winters explain how to find which Land Agreements make the most sense on your operations.

Topics Include:

  • Making it easier to filter land agreements by landowner, location, and production cycle
  • Creating field groups specific for land agreement analysis and leveraging those field groups
  • Factoring in input shares, crop shares, and cash rent for a field and per-acre
  • Looking at Top 20 and Bottom 20 with a click
  • Creating a logical order to tables of lease data to spot trends quickly
  • Leveraging Yield Analyzer with Profit Analyzer during lease analysis
  • Providing coherent reports for Landowners automatically